Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Oh, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Michigan. With the cold upon us and only a couple weeks left until Santa Clause makes his stops at each of our houses, we are all beginning to get into the holiday mood. And there is no better way to kick off the Christmas festivities than a visit to one of Santa’s workshops, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland! From Christmas trees to a vast variety of ornaments for any and every occasion, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland has it all. If that isn’t enough for all you Christmas lovers, Bronner’s keeps their doors open all year long allowing anyone to experience their holiday cheer during any season! But… if Bronner’s celebrates Christmas every day of the year, how do they prepare for the peak of the season? Don’t fret, I got it covered! If you are just as curious as I was to know the answer, click the link below to find out for yourself! You may be surprised by some of the interesting facts one of Bronner’s elves told me. Hope you enjoy the short video including some snap shots of the Christmas wonderland!



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